DeLorean Turbo Engine 6995*

Two-and-a-half times the power at the rear wheels over a stock DeLorean**

0-60 in 6 seconds
260 hp
270+ ft-lbs torque
30+mpg (motorway)

Renault 2.5 turbo internals
Bespoke Hybrid Turbocharger
Custom Engine Management
Water-Air chargecooler
Custom stainless steel exhaust

The DeLorean has always suffered from a lack of power. The blame is often attributed, unfairly, to the engine. Yet while the original DeLorean incarnation was relatively poor, the PRV family subsequently developed to provide the power behind some truly fast cars - most notably the Alpine GTA Turbo, on which this conversion is based.

Combining original parts from DeLorean and Renault engines, as well as brand new, modified and custom parts, this scratch-built solution has been designed to safely and reliably replace your original engine, giving your car the performance it always deserved. This engine is unique and should not be confused with upgraded standard engines offered by other DeLorean specialists. The difference in performance speaks for itself.

This conversion is not suitable for automatic DeLoreans.

* plus exchange of old engine OR components required from it, purchased separately. Price is engine installed, and includes uprated clutch and performance brake pads

** allowing for a drivetrain loss of 45hp, a stock 130hp engine provides 85hp at the rear wheels. 260hp gives 215hp at the rear wheels.

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4-Piston & vented big brake system 2199*

Direct fit performance brakes - improves feel, reduces effort, eliminates overheating

Largest discs/rotors possible within stock wheels
4-piston calipers all round including integrated handbrake
EBC Greenstuff pads included
All parts included for direct bolt-on replacement excluding only fluid
Entire brake system renewed except hard lines and servo/booster

The stock DeLorean brake system can actually be quite adequate if working properly (and after 30+ years, most don't), but there's no getting away from the fact that when compared with a modern car, the discs/rotors are small and solid, the pedal feels "wooden" and if driven enthusiastically with standard temperature pads, easily overheat. The original proportioning is also compromised and doesn't make full use of the large rear tyres and rear weight bias.

This system was developed in conjunction with HiSpec Motorsport. It combines their superb lightweight 4-piston billet machined aluminium calipers with EBC kevlar pads, off-the-shelf vented discs/rotors (re bored and drilled), a new OEM Girling master cylinder, stainless steel braided telfon lined flexi-hoses and custom made handbrake cables for use with the new hybrid rear calipers. Pot area, pad area and disc diameter are all increased which dramatically improves brake feel at the same time as reducing required pedal force and massively reducing the propensity for overheating.

Please note, the handbrake system is cable actuated to the rear callipers and works by independently pressurising the fluid within the callipers. Within the UK and the US, these callipers are 100% legal to fit and use, though this many vary in other countries. For more information, please contact me.

Q: What is the most obvious effect of fitting this system?
A: After the intial bedding-in period, the amount of effort required on the brake pedal will be considerably lower than before. The handbrake is also a lot more powerful.

Q: Why do I need this system?
A: If you don't drive your car hard and are content with its ability to stop in an emergency, you probably don't. If you really notice how much worse your DeLorean brakes are compared to your daily driver, and perhaps you enjoy spirited driving along twisty roads, you will really benefit from this setup.

Q: I can lock up my standard brakes, therefore they're good enough.
A: Larger brakes with increased pad and pot area are more about control than absolute force, though this too is greatly improved. You will be able to feel the limit of traction much more readily, and react more effectively if you do lock up.

Q: I have never overheated my brakes.
A: An emergency stop from 70mph easily takes the original system to the limit, and without venting, the discs struggle to dissipate their heat energy once hot. The pads will start to smoke, the pedal will start to feel spongy and the stopping distance will increase.

* For grooved discs (shown), please add 250

UN1 / 369 Uprated transmission set 2969

As supplied to Lotus to retrofit to Esprit V8

The DeLorean uses the earlier 369 form of the unbiquitous Renault UN1 transmission, also used by Venturi and Lotus as well as countless kit cars, especially GT40 replicas. Though extremely strong and reliable for the most part, it does contain a couple of design weaknesses which are soon discovered by anyone pushing more than 300hp through it. Specific weak points are the input shaft coupler and also the overhanging 5th gear. A 3 litre turbo PRV is also capable of breaking the stock transmission when properly mapped.

Developed by GTO Racing in conjunction with Quaife engineering, this single piece input/main shaft solves both of these problems and greatly increases power handling to beyond 500hp reliably. It also improves gearchanges and raises 1st and 2nd gear ratios. A taller 5th gear is also available.

Quaife ATB Differential for UN1 / 369 969

Also available is Quaife's superb Automatic Torque Biasing differential. Highly recommended for use with the uprated internals above.

Also available: Straight cut 6-speed dog box UN1 gearset for motorsport,

Turbo Engine

Big Brakes

Big Brakes

Gearset ATB