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BOSCH K-Jetronic Specialist

The DeLorean is equipped as standard with BOSCH K-Jetronic mechanical continuous injection (CI) common to a lot of cars of the same era. Often perceived as over-complicated, the DeLorean's setup is about as complex as it gets with Lambda AND the BOSCH Constant Idle Speed (CIS) control. It is in fact very elegant and reliable, unless left to stand for many years with old fuel in it... which is unfortunately what has now happened to many cars that use it.

With many years' experience troublshooting and repairing DeLorean fuel systems, I offer this expertise to other marques. Including troubleshooting, the supply of replacement parts, remanufacture of existing components, custom fuel lines and modification for performance enhancement.

Please contact me with any queries by calling 07976 619759 or by e-mail