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Facts, Figures and Dispelling Myths

The DeLorean is a real attention-grabber wherever you go, but it's amazing how little people actually know about them. The same questions always come up, often off the back of some really bad misinformation.

Hopefully by the time you're done reading this page, you'll know better!

Q: What is it?

A: It's a completely unique rear engined sports GT built in Belfast in 1981-2 for the american market. Made famous by the Back to the Future films, and infamous by the exploits of its creator, it grabs attention like no other car.

Q: How many were made?

A: Just over 9000 were built, most are in North America. 23 or so right-hand drive ones exist, primarily in England, Ireland and Australia.

Q: Is John DeLorean still around / still in prison?

A: He was only ever held on remand, and that was for 3 days. He was never been convicted of any criminal act. His "drug trafficking" case was thrown out of court after it was clearly shown that he was entrapped by the FBI. On March 19th 2005 John passed away following a stroke.

Q: What happens when you park in a tight space?

A: You open the door and get out! This is probably the most common "criticism" of the DeLorean, but anyone who suggests it is completely missing the whole point of gullwing doors. Because they hinge near the centre of the roof (the true nature of the "gullwing") the doors go up rather than out in a space no larger than 13"

Q: I'm told the doors never work properly?

A: After 30 years, most things that rely on a gas strut won't work very well... struts are readily available and last 3-4 years.

Q: The Bodywork's Stainless Steel, right?

A: Yes. Alloy 304, commonly used in the catering industry.

Q: Is it all stainless?

A: No. The car sits on a Lotus-engineered epoxy-coated steel backbone chassis, similar in design to the Esprit. A fibreglass body sits on that, and then the stainless panels.

Q: What about spares?

A: The car was built in the UK in 1981-2, and most mechanical parts are easy to obtain over the counter today (if you know what to ask for!). There's an enormous warehouse in Texas full of NOS parts too.

Q: What's the engine?

A: Originally, it's a Peugeot Renault Volvo V6 (PRV-6) 2849cc Bosch K-Jet fuel injected SOHC 90 degree V6. It's a US emission-controlled amalgum of the Renault 30 and Volvo B28 engines. Please read the PRV page for more info

Q: What happens when you hit 88mph / Where's the flux Capacitor / when are you going back to the future / where's the cocaine then?

A: Ha ha. Very funny.

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