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Performance PRV

Everything from Naturally aspirated K-Jet DeLorean engines, through 12 and 24 valve 3 litre EFI to 2.5 and 3 litre single and twin turbo Alpine-Renault and Venturi engines.

Over 900,000 PRV engines were produced between the late 70's and mid 90's. From a humble carb'd 2.6 litre from a Renault 30 to a fire breathing 800hp Peugeot WM LeMans engine, the PRV is a strong, compact powerplant with a reputation for superb torque, and is a joy to build for any requirements because of the sheer availability of options and OEM parts.

Coupled with its native ability to mate to a Renault UN1 transaxle, the PRV is a popular choice among kit car and replica enthusiasts.

Here you will find experience in rebuilding standard engines, through tuning with performance cams, throttle bodies or triple webers on naturally aspirated engines, to EFI conversions and aftermarket re-mapping of late engines.

I have experience of one of the most powerful GTA engines in the UK, and have built several powerful DeLorean engines - naturally aspirated, single and twin turbocharged.

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